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Capacity Building Workshop:
Developing Audio Description Skills - $550

This fast-paced, interactive workshop allows students to discover the essentials that apply to audio description of live performances, visual art, and exhibits. Working in small groups, students learn the practical application of the core skills through participatory exercises, consumer input, lectures and demonstrations. At the conclusion of this workshop, new describers will be ready to further develop their skills as beginning describers and experienced describers will approach their work with refreshed and enhanced skills.

This Capacity Building Workshop is based on the audio description curriculum developed by an international committee of audio description professionals in 2011. The training is structured to accommodate describers at all levels--from beginners who have never tried audio description to experienced describers who want to expand their existing skills.

Workshop leaders will provide individual guidance to help participants take the next steps in their development by being available for follow-up calls and emails throughout the next year.

Presenters: *Deborah Lewis, CEO, Arts Access Now (CA); *Celia Hughes, Executive Director, VSA Texas (TX) Andrea Day: Describer for TDF (NYC) and AudioVision (San Francisco)

* Co-Founding Member of Audio Description Coalition

About the Audio Description Coalition

Audio Description Coalition members are trained audio describers, administrators, and users dedicated to the highest quality of audio description through training, mentoring, evaluation and professional development. Members are committed to upholding the Audio Description Coalition Standards for Audio Description and Code of Professional Conduct for Describers.

The Audio Description Coalition Standards and Code of Professional Conduct represents the combined training, experience, knowledge, and resources of this group of audio describers and trainers from across the United States.

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